Mepron Flower CowMake Milk. Not Manure.

Good herd health is a key component to running a successful dairy business.

Dairy farmers worldwide are discovering the nutritional, environmental and financial benefits of amino acid balancing. It is a nutritional best practice that can help you optimize the full production potential of a cow.

Mepron® provides the essential amino acid, methionine, in an encapsulated, rumen-stable source that your cows need to help enhance milk production. It is easy to incorporate with regular ration ingredients, including protein sources and minerals.

Many nutritionists and dairy producers have discovered:

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Amino acid balancing is a nutritional best practice that helps maximize production and milk quality. Let one of our consultants meet with you and your nutritionist for a complimentary ration evaluation. See if Mepron and amino acid balancing is right for you.
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The Dairy Ration Balancing Program

AminoCow® features a Windows compatible interface. The spreadsheet format shows you the impact of ration changes on nutrient supply quickly and easily. The full nutrient profile, including amino acid content, is included to help you better balance your rations. The amino acid supply calculations have been field tested and validated with the latest dairy nutrition research.

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