AminoCow® CD

How to balance amino acids

Balancing amino acids begins with an analysis of your dairy rations. Also, working closely with your nutritionist helps to ensure and maintain proper amino acid levels.

Several programs exist to provide a thorough analysis of feed rations, among them a user-friendly model called AminoCow®. The AminoCow® Program makes it easy to discover where your herd's diet is out of balance — whether low on lysine, methionine or both. Then, fine-tuning rations to ensure the requirements of your dairy herds are being met is a simple matter of adjusting your rations — either through changes in diet, or with amino acid supplements such as Mepron®.

AminoCow® - The Dairy Ration Balancing Program

AminoCow® features a Windows compatible interface. The spreadsheet format shows you the impact of ration changes on nutrient supply quickly and easily. The full nutrient profile, including amino acid content, is included to help you better balance your rations. The amino acid supply calculations have been field tested and validated with the latest dairy nutrition research.

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