Mepron Handling

Mepron® offers significant advantages over other products with its handling properties. In practical mill and farm conditions, rumen protected methionine sources are exposed to various handling processes and other forms of stress such as temperature and moisture. These factors might seriously affect the proper functioning of the protective coating. To maintain product features e.g. rumen stability, it is extremely important to maintain a durable, resistant coating. This makes the day-to-day use easy and reliable, as there are virtually no risks to lose protection through handling stress.

Easy to use. Easy to mix.

Mepron® mini-pellets have excellent handling properties. They are stable, free-flowing and dust-free. Mepron® mixes evenly with regular dairy ingredients including minerals and silages. No changes to your routine mixing and feed-delivery practices are necessary. Pelleting of feed mixes containing Mepron® is not recommended however, due to mechanical breakage of the protective coating.

Dairy cows also have reason to prefer Mepron®. Methionine compounds contain sulfur and thus may present palatability challenges due to odor. Due to the encapsulation Mepron® is extremely palatable to the cow.

Product Information Mepron®


Specified Values
Assay min. % 85.0
Loss on drying max. % 2.0
Ash max. % 2.0

Almost white, free flowing cylindrical granulate
Bulk density: 710 kg/m3 10%
Particle size: Pellets 1.8 x 3 mm
Solubility: Nearly insoluble in water


Mepron® is produced by coating methionine with a protective coating.


Mepron® is the time-released, rumen-protected source of methionine for dairy herds. Methionine is the amino acid most commonly limiting herd performance. Mepron® is included into dairy rations to achieve better balanced dairy rations. Typical inclusion ranges from 10 to 20 g per cow per day, depending on performance and ration composition.


Nutritional Matrix
Digestibility 100.0 % 100.0 %
Crude protein 50 % Crude fat 1 %
Crude fiber 3 % Crude ash 1.5 %
NEL 5.2 MJ/kg (1.25 Mcal/kg / .56 Mcal/lb)  

The Mepron® pellet (1.8 x 3 mm) containing DL-Methionine is virtually dust-free, has a very high durability (>99.9 %) and low loss on drying (max. 2 %). Its technical properties result in excellent performance during conveying and in perfect flowability. Mepron® can be mixed homogeneously. The rate of rumen protection will not decrease when mixed with potentially abrasive components (mineral mixes, molasses, silage) or when subjected to heat (85°C) and/or moisture. The mechanical stress during transport with common conveyers (screw, elevator, pneumatic transport) has no effects on the rumen protection of Mepron®. Pelletizing of the Mepron® -containing mixtures is not recommended.

Storage, stability and packaging

Mepron® should be kept cool and dry in unopened original packaging. Storage conditions of 5° - 30°C and 40-75 % rel. humidity are recommended. Under these conditions, stability is guaranteed for at least 3 years from manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is part of the lot number on the package label.

Valve type paperbag 2-ply + plastic film, 25 kg net
Bulk bag / FIBC, 750 kg net

Regulatory affairs

CAS-No. (DL-Methionine) 59-51-8

Customs tariff number: 230990

Mepron® is approved for use in all animal species according to European feed law and labeled accordingly.

Mepron® is not subject to dangerous goods regulations.

Safety and environment

Mepron® can be handled safely.

According to EU chemicals legislation, it is non-toxic, and, if correctly handled, it does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Skin sensitization has never been reported, and is unlikely to occur. Accordingly, it is not classified as a hazardous chemical. The usual regulations for safety and hygiene should be followed.

For additional information, please note our safety data sheet.


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